You know what ? I am deeply in love. Deep, deeply in love.

Anonymous asked:
writing about St. Jimmy or my eyes are full of shit... ? (+French ?)

Not writing about anything these days. Kind of focusing on more important things, you know.
Oui, je suis fran├žaise et je parle fran├žais :)

Anonymous asked:
Are you gonna miss being a teenager once you've grown up and become an adult? I know random question lol.

Well, I’m 20 and I like it now. I’m kind of scared of growing up. I mean, everything seems so much more terrifying whe you try to look at it with another point of view. And yeah, I will totally miss being a teenager.


They’re best friends





‘arent we supposed to have antlers or something’
‘fuck if i know’

'who cares we're mad cute'


Tonight I got to see The Early November with my best friend. I don’t even have words for how I was feeling. This band has meant an incredible amount to me for a decade. Also, Ace Enders is phenomenal. (at Jammin’ Java)


real friends - sixteen